😍 Jilboobs – Tight Girls with Hijab 😍

“Jilboobs is a word that represents Muslim girls with ‘hijab’ which covers their head and hair but wearing tight clothings such as T-shirt or blouse that shows the shape of their breasts/body/buttocks (whether they are on bra/thong/panties inside or not) and jeans/skinny jeans/tight pants/shorts/skirts.”

“The Muslims believe women under the religion must have proper clothings which may not be able to attract men to forcefully perform acts of sexuality over them as women’s body with such shapes and curves are dangerous to themselves. Only the women’s husband have legal rights over them (to see their body and perform sexual intercourse).”

“Unfortunately in today’s world, fashion has become the reason Muslim girls decided to get into classier and sexier look and being comfortable with what they wear as long as hijab remains covering their head and hair. Jilboobs fashion becomes famous throughout countries like Indonesia and Malaysia and till today, Muslim girls maintain their faith on the fashionable look.”

“I love such Muslim girls with hijab and tight clothings because I don’t think they need to look modest just because certain men can’t hold their sexual feelings over the girls. There is nothing wrong in them wearing whichever they like. They are confident and comfortable with what they wear and they look like lovely models around even when they don’t show off their head and hair. Beautiful, aren’t they?”



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